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(613) 209-3646


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(613) 209-3646



Scam & harrassment ! Called indicating a lawsuit was filled against you and they want you to call back to 613-209-3646 otherwise they get you arrested

Ad :

Scam!, called indicating a lawsuit was filled against and they want you to call back to 613-209-3646 otherwise they get you arrested

Jane :

Threaten, harassment, never call back!

Lunaverse :

No message left on cell. Called it back and they answered 'revenue agency, how may I help you'. What? SCAM

Scam, you are being sued sacm :

Automated voice saying are being sued and will be arrested under your name but no actual name given if you do not call them back.

Matt :

Apparently I am being sued and this robot told me to call back otherwise they will have me arrested.

Osha :

Said CRA lawsuit. Pathetic scammers!!!

Emily :


Andrea :

Scam! Stop harassing people, and get a life!

Syl :

lawsuit by CRA goodluck, CRA wont call you they'll just seize your account ...

Lur :

just arrest me now

Michael :

Oh NO, I am being sued, and a robocall is being used to provide me with a fair warning. If I do not call back I will be arrested. SCAM!

Mary :

Threaten ,scammer

A. Mdez :

A male voice left a message telling me that a warrant for my arrest has been issued and that I should call them back as soon as I get the message.

A :

Recorded voice, Said he is from CRA and asked me to call back to a certain number or else will get me arrested,

Tom :

the CRA has an arrest warrant on me...call me back immediately...etc. the regular scam...

Get a life! :

A Robot told me I was going to be issued a warrant for my arrest. The Future is now lol

Cc :

Scam big time

JC :

Fake call from CRA

Jack Ryan :

Said they are CRA. I am being sued. Yeah right.

Tristan :

Losers trying to tell you that an arrest warrrant will be issued, get a real job you losers

Cal :

Going to arrest me lol

On the lamb :

CRA will arrest me! Gah! Dumb asses.

Kk :

Don’t reply ...I received i a voicemail from this number said if i don’t call back they will isue me an arrest warrant (scam)

Abraham :

they are trying to get money stupid scummers

A. R. M. :

I received i a voicemail from this number saying if i don’t call back they will isue me an arrest warrant (scam)

Ms :

Very sad asses to do this to trusting good people.., didn’t get me.., I am not good people.

Sandy :

Called and said they were from CRA coming to arrest me for tax evasion. I told them this is not true they kept going on that I had to pay money within 45 mins or go to jail

Y.L :

this scam wake me up from bed.

KK the FOB :

Don't arrest me...just deport me ...I'll be so happy getting hustled by another idiot immigrant........NOT!!! GAME recognize GAME!

M.C. :

Scam call saying there is a lawsuit and they will arrest me... my dad is an agent, this is a scam call

F. L. :

Multiple calls on the same number saying will issue arrest warrant... it's a corporate registered phone, how would someone arrest a corporation? Big time scam.

Pete :

Same scam as above arrest warrant etc etc, deleted VM.

N.R :

Omg this just happened to me i near crappee myself i was luke what i paid ny taxes, i have not filed my tax yet what they arresting me for and they didnt even say my name. I called back and the phone was answered so fast i was like wtf. (Why didnt it just transfer me to an agent the first time. Man kept asking for some officers sin as if it was an officer that had called. When he asked again i just hung up and went to call revenue canada myself only for the scam to start rolling in my head and had me on wait a min wtf.

Greg :

Lawsuit against me, issue warrant for arrest... scam.

Nick :

same thing as others Going to arrest for the lawsuit

Steve :

Got called from 613-209-3646... telling me if I don’t contact this number a warrant will be issue! This is a scam.

Liliia :

My 16 year old son got a voicemail a month ago ,saying they are CRA and we need to call them back or they issue arrest warrant . Yesterday my hubby got a phone call from the same number with the same scam.

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