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(613) 209-3645


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(613) 209-3645


Babs :

Did not ring, went straight to Voicemail, it said "Reason for this call, a case, lawsuit filed under your name. I need you to call me back at this number asap. If do not hear from you an arrest warrant will be issued and you will be arrested. Call me back asap. Call received Wed Mar 21 9:20am It's a scam obviously but borders on Harassment !

Angie :

The same message I received this morning at 9 a.m. that a case lawsuit is filled under my name, and I need to call 613-209-3645 as soon as possible, otherwise I will be arrested.

Terry :

Same comments as above. Just a scam call do not answer.

Zoey :

Got the exactly same call from you today @10:25am……man! They start early!

V :

Basterds wasting our time

Smart :

Received a called about a lawsuit related to my taxes, RCMP blah blah blah. Total bullshit, please do not even hesitate to answer them.

J :

Wanted me to call back or an arrest warrant would be issued

Tai :

I got a call today at 9:14am "Is that there is a case a lawsuit that is getting filed under your name. The moment you receive this message. I need you to get back to me on my department division number that is 613-209-3645. I repeat 613-209-3645. Now if I don't hear a call from you. We will have to issue an arrest warrant under your name and get you arrested. So get back to me as soon as possible. Thank you."

Roger :

same for me

Dritan :

called me and said i had a case opened to CRA and if i dont get back to them they gonna arrest me, just a scam i guess cause i didnt do my taxes yet, how can a case be opened to me ?!


got the same message this morning..who is calling..and why?

Mahmoud E :

Received this call 9 am sharp with an automated voice message saying a case has been made against me from the CRA and wants me to call back immediately. And threatened to arrest me if they didn't hear back from me. Scam for sure..

Linda :

This phone number called me today telling me that I owed the government money and I would be aressted if I didnt submit the money through a BIT Machine.

K :

Total scam

Morgan :

Called saying they tried reaching me multiple times, never been called by this number before. Said if I didn't reach them the case would go to the courthouse for my arrest.

CL :

Same scam as those listed here. Call this morning claiming to be from CRA with a tax issue and if I don't call back then they will have me arrested. I checked, and this number is not listed in the Government telephone directory (formerly GEDS, now GCdirectory).

George. :

Today is the day I get arrested from my phone call from the government!

FedUp :

They claim to be a CRA agent for debt collections. Do not give them any info at all. report to local police or RCMP

Elle :

Called, insisted I need to give my name to find out what the call was about from CRA. When I refused they hung up.

Bobbi :

Automated message that sounded like was scripted by a 7th grader...telling me if I dont call them back I will be arrested. Pretty funny but definitely a scam

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